SPECTRUM – Aerosol Black spray paint

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SPECTRUM aerosol Touch up spray is formulated by optimizing best quality raw material which gives excellent performance of the coating corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, exterior durability and better intercut adhesion.  Spectrum Aerosol can be customized in different Gloss and sheen levels


Powder coated substrate, any painted substrate, CED coated surface, fabricated furniture, Plastic moulded unpainted parts, spares parts of automobiles etc.

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  • Fast drying – surface dry within 5 minutes and Achieves hard dry in 8 hours- 12 hours.
  • Salt Spray life up to 240 Hrs.
  • Outstanding paint coverages- low consumption
  • Gloss level ranges available from Dead matt finish to glossy finish (Gloss range 0 units to 80 units)
  • Excellent Intercoat adhesion & very good mechanical property
  • SPECTRUM Aerosol touch up spray gives nice cleaning solvent resistance, chemical resistance property.



Black, Multicolor, Multiple, Transparent, Yellow



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