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Product Care & Instruction

Direction to Use

  • Properly Clean the surface to be painted and remove dirt, grease, wax polish, any other contamination, etc.
  • Shake the can well before using for 1-2 minutes to mix it properly. Check colour and compare with the finish on the surface to be painted.
  • Hold can in straight position and spray from a distance of 25cm (12 inch) in a stroking motion to avoid the paint dripping. Wait 2 minutes for another coat if required a heavy coat.
  • After use clean the nozzle and spray button. If not cleaned the nozzle may get choked. In that case clean with thinner. Ensure the can cap be always fitted when not in use.


  • Do not puncture, incinerate or store the can at high temperatures above 50℃. Keep away from fire, direct sunlight, stove, or any other heat source.
  • Use it in well-ventilated area (15℃ to 30℃) are well safety person protection equipment.
  • If spray gets into the eyes or on the face immediately rinse the eyes with water If not carefully taken swallow could cause vomiting. Immediately request medical treatment.
  • Keep away from children and who is not aware of implication of product.


  • Seller or marketed by cannot control use or spray can, Hence cannot warranty, expressed for implied other than replacement of can upon it.

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